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Elastomer Properties - Miscellaneous

Adhesion: The use of bonded elastomer-metal or elastomerplastic assemblies typically requires the use a bonding agent and surface preparation. Care must be taken in selecting a bonding agent which will be compatible with the process chemistry and/or temperature. Specific tests are available to determine the strength of the adhesive bond.

Radiation: Exposure to radiation may cause additional cross-linking or degradation. While the type of radiation and energy is very important, gamma radiation is considered typical exposure for most elastomer testing. AEGIS perfluoroelastomers can withstand radiation dosages of 1 Mrad. At 10 Mrad dosages, moderate damage will occur to the physical properties (>40% change).

Transparency: The optical clarity of AEGIS SC1090 provides opportunities for applications where minimal absorbency is desired.




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