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Seal Thermal Stability

Low Temperature Seal Thermal Stability

The low-temperature limit is generally 15F below TR-10 for static seals. For dynamic seals the TR-10 is more relevant. The TR-10 is the temperature at which an elastomer is able to retract 10%.

Low-temperature performance is generally a reversible process.

For design purposes compression is generally increased. The chemical media may cause swelling which may act as a plasticizer and lower the service temperature.

Definition of:

Glass Transition Temperature:

  • TR Tests: ISO 2921, ASTM D1414, D1329
  • Stiffness: ISO 1432, ASTM D1053, D2240
  • Brittleness: ISO R812, ASTM C509
  • Crystallization: ISO 3387, 6471



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