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Rubber Division, American Chemical Society
SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers,USA)
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
DIN (Deutsches Institute for Normung)
USA Rubber Manufacturers Association
Akron University, Department of Polymer Engineering
British Plastic & Rubber on-line (UK rubber journal,news,articles, rubber companies lists)
KGK Kautschuk Gummi kunstsoffe (German rubber journal)
Dutch Information Center of Natural Rubber
Euro Rubber Compounding-Health,Safety,Environment study consortium in Euro
International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers.Inc. (IISRP)
International Zinc Association World zinc market
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan
The Society of Rubber Industry, Japan
Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry,
a business uint of the American Plastic Council

Society of Rubber Industry, Japan
Malaysian Rubber Board
Rubber research Institute of Thailand
Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association
UL Underwriters Laboratories

Rubber Association in World Country:-

  •  Rubber Research Institute of Thailand
  •  Agricultural Future Exchange of Thailand(AFET)
  •  The Thai Rubber Association
  •  International Rubber Study Group(IRSG)
  •  Malaysian Rubber Board(MRB)
  •  Rubber Association of Indonesia(Gapkindo)
  •  Ministry of Trade and Industry Indonesia
  •  Vietnam Rubber Association(VRA)
  •  The Rubber Board of India
  •  China Rubber Industry association(CRIA)
  •  Shanghai Futures Exchange(SHFE)
  •  Sicom Systems Inc - Your Total Pos solution
  •  The Tokyo Commodity Exchange Tocom, Futures, Options




North American Die Casting Association
Rubber Manufacturers Association
Composites Fabrication Association
Association of Rotational Molders
Australian Die Casting Association
American Foundry Society
Giesserei Institut
Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI)

Industry Publications


Urethanes Technology
Casting Plant & Technology International
Reinforced Plastics
Composites Technology
European Rubber Journal
High Performance Composites
Rubber & Plastics News
Rubber World
Die Casting Engineer
Professional Boat Building
Plastics Technology
Composites Fabrication
SAMPE Journal
Modern Casting
Modern Plastics
Plastics and Rubber Weekly
Metal Casting Technologies
Journal of European Composites (JEC)
Fundicao e Servicos (Die Casting)
Plastics and Rubber Asia
Int'l Journal of Cast Metal Research
Plastics News
  Rubber People

Rubber Product Manufacturers

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