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We are proud to inform you that contains more than 8,000 web pages. So by advertising your valuable products/services through IRD, will help you to reach the buyer's mind more effectively and efficiently. Further IRD has been promoted through internet on various search engines like google, yahoo, msn, aol, altavista etc., and it is responding well for major rubber keywords, which will definitely improve more traffic to your website to get more business volumes.

Business Solutions

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Banner Advertisement

As we know banner ads is the most powerful tool to flash your presence to the target audience of the rubber industry. You can promote your company / services at a most competitive price. We assure solid enquiry for all of our customers. Various plans are available to meet your expectations. Mail us for details.

The following are the Benefinary people, who can develop their business by becoming a member of and utilize the advertisement concepts .

  • Natural Rubber Manufacturers
  • Rubber Products Manufacturers
  • Synthetic Rubber Manufacturers
  • Rubber chemical Manufacturers
  • Rubber Additive Manufacturers
  • ISO Certifying Companies
  • Rubber Machinery / Equipment Manufacturers
  • Raw Rubber Distributors / Dealers
  • Rubber Chemical Distributors / Dealers
  • Rubber Consultants
  • Rubber Testing Institutes
  • Rubber Research Institutes
  • Rubber Magazine / Publishers
  • Polymer / Rubber Professionals
  • Rubber Associations
  • Polymer Universities

and other products / services based company relevant to rubber industry can utilize the IRD effectively.

   Banner Display Details
  The following size of banner can be placed in Home page, All inner pages, Specific category (any two)

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For Banner Tariff
Company Name :
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Phone No:  -  -   (ISD-STD-Phone)
Mobile No:  - (ISD-Mobile)
Email ID: 
Web Url:
Banner Size:
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Other Details :

Payment Method

Payment details For Indian & Foreign Company to Book the Banner Advertisement / Premium Listing in our Rubber Portal, DRAFT / CHEQUE to be made in favour of "TEAM WEB POWER" payable at CHENNAI on following address
or Deposit cash in our ICICI Bank Account, favouring TEAM WEB POWER payable at Chennai. Account No.602705035376.

For Overseas Clients

FEDABA 021000021
Beneficiary ACCOUNT NO. 602705035376 
Bank Address: A-78, Plot No.3211, 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar, CHENNAI -600 102

C/o Team Web Power
No.52, First Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza
C 47, IInd Avenue Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040. India.
Phone:- +91-44-42170137
Mobile:- +91-9444001705 / +91-9444113140
Email:- ,


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Contact Us : C/o Team Web Power, No.52, First Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza, C-47, IInd Avenue,
Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040. India. 
Phone:- +91-44-42170137 Mobile:- +91-9444001705

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Contact Us : , No.52, First Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza, C-47, IInd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040.Tamilnadu, India.

Phone: +91-44-42170137  Mobile: +91-9444001705  Email: