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Ask Rubber Experts   |   Rubber News   |    Rubber Prices   |    IRD Network Member      Rubber Events > Premium Services helps buyers and sellers of rubber & rubber products manufacturers, chemicals manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, distributors, agents, testing institutes and other relevant industry of rubber to promote their businesses globally. They can use to improve brand image of the company and products/ services effectively with lesser cost, further they can optimize their purchasing and sales processes. can be used

  • To buy / sell to the rubber and rubber products, team will guide you to find the right manufacturers of your requirements
  • To know the current market prices of raw materials
  • To know the market information, trends, report instantly
  • To find new customers, trading partners to expand the business globally
  • To reduce cost of raw material and processing and improve profitability

Inshort is the global e-market place to buy / sell rubber products, rubber materials, rubber machinery and equipments and know the rubber information with the touch of mouse.

Services offered by IRD Team:
Logo Design
As we know the logo is the brand building tool for any company to reach the consumer minds in a fastest and simplest way.

Our Samples :

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Corporate CD Presentation
Our Team have rich experience in developing corporate CD presentation, which are highly innovative and attractive to express the corporate values in the minds of customers.
Banner Ads
As we know banner ads is the most powerful tool to flash your presence to the target audience of the rubber industry. You can promote your company / services all a most competitive price. We assure solid enquiry for all of our customers. Various plans are available to meet your expectations.
   Banner Display Details
 The following size of banner can be placed in Home page, All inner pages, Specific category (any two)



 468 x 60 px


150 x 200 px 

234 x 60 px

150 x 60 px


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Web Design

We offer innovative designs to each and every customer to fulfill their dreams. We take utmost care in designing the web pages keeping the company values, products knowledge, uniqueness and visions of customers. In short our design exactly communicate the business concepts in a most effective and efficient manner.

Our team consists of experienced web designers, graphic architects, programmers, content developers and SEO consultants to meet the demanding requirements of each and every individual customer.

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Portal Development

A Portal is defined as a web site that aims to be an entry point to the World-Wide Web, typically offering a search engine and/or links to useful pages, and possibly news or site that the owner positions as an entrance to other sites on the internet; "a portal typically has search engines and free email and chat rooms etc."

We undertake portal projects with full confidence and also we assure you the best service at all times with competitive pricing.

We develop the portal with the latest advanced web techniques. We provide database solutions with the following features:

  • Online registration
  • Online classifieds
  • Message board services
  • Group and live chat
  • Directory maintenance
  • News updating
  • Search options
  • Online payment and shopping cart
  • Bulk mailing solutions

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Brochure & Flyer

Our team have creative minds to produce innovative designs to the reach consumer in a most effective manner. We take care of the following services.

  • Print Ads
  • Company Brochures
  • Invitation cards
  • Corporate Folders
  • Industrial Catalogues
  • E-Brochures/Catalogue's

And many creative works are undertaken based on your demand .

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Web Promotion

IRD provides targeted promotion of website. Maximizes your presence on the Internet by ensuring that your site can be found when users search for your company, products/services in search engines and directories.

Web Promotion is a fundamental part of the success of your web site. Successful companies have a specific focus on Targeted Internet Marketing Strategies to improve the business volume in both domestic and international market.

Web promotion works involve the fundamental steps to make your sites respond well.

  • Quick loading, attractive, User friendly navigation
  • Optimize your website to make it search engine compatible
  • Apply to all search engines for indexing and re-indexing
  • Submit the site to all new directories
  • Link popularity activity
  • Update your site so as it is continually optimized for search engine placement
  • Submit periodically your website to search engines based on search engine algorithm This process make your site presence in top 10 position in all major search engine for specified keywords. It will increase the traffic and generate the enquiries.

Mail us to Know more :

Payment Method

DRAFT Payment Details For Indian & Foreign Company to get the premium Listing you have to send DRAFT / CHEQUE in favour of "TEAM WEB POWER" payable at CHENNAI to the below address:

India Rubber Directory

C/o Team Web Power
No.52, First Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza,
C 47, IInd Avenue Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040. India.
Phone:- +91-44-42170137
Mobile:- +91-9444001705


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Contact Us : C/o Team Web Power, No.52, First Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza, C-47, IInd Avenue,
Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040. India. 
Phone:- +91-44-42170137 Mobile:- +91-9444001705

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Contact Us : , No.52, First Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza, C-47, IInd Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040.Tamilnadu, India.

Phone: +91-44-42170137  Mobile: +91-9444001705  Email: