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What is IRD?

IRD is abbreviated form of INDIAN RUBBER DIRECTORY.


IRD is developed to serve the rubber people, students, professionals connected to the rubber industry.   And it provides the complete data on rubber industry electronically. One can get the details of world rubber manufacturers, rubber products manufacturers( both domestic and international) rubber machinery manufacturers, rubber chemical manufacturers

  How IRD will helpful to improve the business?

As it gives business tips, world rubber buyers, rubber market trends, international happenings,Interesting business promotion techniques to all its users at free of cost.

  How a rubber people can use the IRD?

As IRD strickly focus the targeted rubber industry people, by advertising in this portal, you can reach millions of buyers mind. People related to rubber industry such a  manufacturers, distributors, consultants, associations  can flash their services to the global world.

  How Rubber Facts will help the rubber people  and students?

IRD provides the clear picture of  definition of polymers,classification polymer types, manfacturing techniques and their respective properties and their applications.

How I can advertise in IRD?

It is very easy and most cost effective method, just by clicking a register form in the home.

Where I can get the standard formulations to develop my product?

IRD is happy to provide useful formulation of various products in the Standard formulation section

What is use of the IRD message Board?

IRD message board can be used to discuss about any hot topics like polymer chemistry, rubber engineering, manufacturing techniques and other interesting concepts relevant to rubber industry. This section will be highly helpful for the industry people aswellas the students to enrich the knowledge and skills in the subjects

How Ask Rubber Experts section will help me?

IRD designed this section for the welfare of the industry people to develop new products.Experts will provide innovative formulations with the best possible rates.

What is the winning solutions provided by IRD ?

IRD provides the most  powerful and cost effective web marketing concept SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SE0) to all of the user at an unimaginable price.

WHY SEO services is a must ?

By this services your website will become an active marketing tool , which will generate wounderful flow of enquiry to your products / services from both domestic and International buyers .We position your website in top 10 place on major search engines like google, yahoo, dmoz etc.,.

How IRD  helpful to  rubber professionals to get jobs for free? 

As IRD maintain wonderful contacts with rubber industry people. We place the right candidate  in the right company.

 How can I register to get rubber jobs?

IRD handle a separate section to provide jobs to the rubber professional. Job seeker can register their resume in the  rubber jobs  section at free of cost.

How a industry people find a rubber professional with  the help of IRD?

In the Rubber jobs section, the employer can register at free of cost by filling the details of the professional needed to their company. As we maintain a complete date of rubber professional , we directed our registered job seeker based on your requirements.

How a seller/ buyer can benefit from IRD?

There is section in IRD called Business Made Easy, here any buyer / seller can display their products /services, which they can want to buy or sell .IRD do this service at free of cost.

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