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We are a globally active company and a team of specialists – market oriented and very close to our customers. 

Our five business divisions are experts in the fields of semi-conductor technology, silicone chemistry, specialty and 
fine chemicals and polysilicon productions.


WACKER is a globally active company with a well-balanced mix of chemical and semiconductor operations, as well as promising new business fields with good profitability prospects. 

The company's diverse activities are organized within independently operating corporate sectors: Siltronic, WACKER SILICONES, WACKER POLYMERS, WACKER FINE CHEMICALS and WACKER POLYSILICON. They hold technology 
leadership positions in many markets and collaborate closely with customers to provide tailored solutions for tomorrow. 

WACKER is a management-driven corporation oriented toward the standards of globally operating incorporated companies. WACKER is a limited liability company, where 51% are hold by the Dr. Alexander Wacker Familiengesellschaft mbH, Munich, Germany and 49% by Aventis S.A., Strasbourg, France. 


As a globally active Group, WACKER is at home in many industrial sectors. WACKER's five business divisions Siltronic, WACKER SILICONES, WACKER POLYMERS, WACKER FINE CHEMICALS and WACKER POLYSILICON develop forward-looking applications in many areas. 

The left-hand navigation bar offers you an overview of our industries and applications. Here you will find an ideal introduction to help you explore WACKER's services and innovative strength.


WACKER has a wide pallet of innovative products in the chemistry and semi-conductor sector. 

WACKER's five business divisions, Siltronic, WACKER SILICONES, WACKER POLYMERS, WACKER FINE CHEMICALS and WACKER POLYSILICON offer a wide product range.

  • Basic Chemicals 

  • Biologics 

  • Custom Synthesis 

  • Electrofluxes 

  • Fine Chemicals 

  • Fumed Silica 

  • Functional Polymers 

  • Ingredients 

  • Nickel composite coatings 

  • Polysilicon 

  • Silanes and Siloxanes 

  • Silicones 

Our Divisions:

Siltronic ranks among the world's leading producers of hyperpure silicon, the indispensable starting material for the semiconductor industry's highly complex electronic devices. Siltronic's leading-edge technology ensures long-term growth and innovation in this key industry. 


WACKER SILICONES is one of the world's leading silane and silicone producers. Silicones offer highly diverse product properties for virtually unlimited applications. Thanks to their excellent characteristics, silicone products are ideal for intelligent, customized solutions in a broad range of industries. 


WACKER POLYMERS is the global market leader in high-quality binders and polymer additives. The product portfolio includes construction chemicals and functional polymers for surface coatings and other industrial applications, as well as base chemicals (acetyls). WACKER POLYMERS' redispersible powders, dispersions, solid resins, powder binders and surface coating resins are used in the construction, automotive, paper and adhesives industries, as well as by manufactures of printing inks and industrial paints. 


WACKER FINE CHEMICALS provides worldwide tailored solutions for its customers in the life sciences and consumer care industries. It focuses on organic fine chemicals, exclusive synthesis and biotechnology. WACKER FINE CHEMICALS is a preferred partner for challenging chemical and biotech custom manufacturing projects which serve, for example, as the basis for creating novel pharmaceutical active ingredients. The range of products includes complex organic intermediates, organosilanes, chiral active ingredients, cyclodextrins, cysteines and unnatural amino acids, as well as various chemical starting materials. 


WACKER POLYSILICON produces hyperpure silicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries. As one of the major manufactures of polycrystalline silicon worldwide WACKER POLYSILICON supplies leading wafer and solar-cell companies. Production capacities are currently being boosted at our Burghausen site to meet expected growth in polycrystalline silicon demand. 


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Tel. +49 89 6279-01, Fax +49 89 6279-1770 
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