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Topic hf welding machines 
Name ultrasonic welding machines 
Company Zhu Hai Lingke Automation Technology Co., Ltd 
Address NO.3 Pingxi Wu Road, Nanping Technology Park,Zhuha 
Phone 0756-8626887 
Mobile +8613750096170 
Fax 867568679535 
Country China 
Date Created 8/7/2015 11:35:25 AM 
Message Dear Sir/ Madam:
This is a recommendation message from Carolyn who work for ZhuHai LingKe Automation Technology Co., Ltd., I am glad to recommend our new products to you. Youxi machine ,easy tool changing ,only need one wrench for replacement adopted the world famous accessories.
Should this item interest you ,please contact
Thank you
Best regards
TEL:+86 0756-8626887
FAX:+86 756-8679535
QQ :1521938327
ADD:NO.3 Pingxi Wu Road, Nanping Technology Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong China 
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