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Southern Rubber & Company was established way back in 1980 as a small scale industry with the vision of manufacturing quality Rubber and Plastics Products. Our company's state of the art manufacturing unit is located at Vellore, which is 130 km from Chennai. We have 12,000 Squate Feet of Pucca RCC building to produce quality products at right price and time. Through our passion and hard work, we have expertise the art of rubber technology to meet the challenging demands of the current market conditions. We apply innovating skills with International production systems to satisfy each and every customer with full confidence. We cater to the special needs of Automobile Industry. We cover almost every sector of the Industry.

Our stringent quality system have resulted in us being accredited with the ISO 9001 certification by TUV SOUTH ASIA.

We manufacture rubber products of superior quality with performance and value, in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and preference and also profitable growth.

We achieve our goal through continuous improvements of process focused on total quality, total employee participation, productivity and cost effectiveness. We will achieve our vision of producing world-class product by creating a working environment which attracts the finest people and encourages team efforts and work with passion.


We produce the following ranges or Rubber Products.

We use the following polymers based on the need of the products.

  • Silicone & Viton 

  • Nitrile Rubber 

  • EPDM Rubber 

  • SBR 1502, SBR 1702, 1958 

  • PBR 

  • Polyacrylic 

  • Hypolan, H-NBR 

  • Chloroprene Rubber 

  • Natural Rubbers and many more. 

We take utmost care in the manufacture of every single components, to get Total Customer Satisfaction. We strongly believe that a satisfied Customer is an asset for the company.

Some of the quality Rubber Products developed by our team.

  • Automobile Parts

  • Sanitoryware Parts 

  • Refrigerator Parts

  • Electrical Appliances Parts

  • Automobile Parts 

  • Engineering Parts 

  • Compressor Parts 

  • Home Appliances Parts 


The Quality Policy of Southern Rubber & Company is to manufacture and supply Quality rubber products to meet the requirements of the customer and achieve customer satisfaction by continual improvement through an established Quality Management System and involvement of all employees.

Quality Objectives

Our Company Quality Objectives are as follows. 

  • To Manufacture & Supply Quality Products to meet Customer requirement. 
  • To Supply on time to satisfy Customer requirements. 
  • To train employees to effect continual improvements. 
  • To monitor supplier performance to meet requirements.

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Southern Rubber & Company

60, Ramalingam Nagar, Idayansathu, 
Vellore - 632 002. 
Tamil Nadu, India.
Ph : 0416 - 2263410, 6539410.
Fax : 0416 - 2263507. 


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