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Silica House Pvt Ltd started its operation two decades back in 1982.

Driven by the mission of providing 'total solutions in Silicones', the company today has a annual turnover in excess of Rs 4 Crore. The growing customer base speaks of the long-term relations we build and maintain with new and old customers.

We are Distributor of GE Plastics India Limited and GE Bayer Silicones India Pvt Limited.

We are distributors of GE BAYER Silicones for their complete range viz. SILICONE Rubbers, Silicone Emulsions, Silicone Sprays, Toshiba Silicones etc.

For GE Plastics (India) Limited we are distributor for their Polycarbonate structured products.

We also Importer / Representative / Dealers of :
1. Rubber Chemicals - Benzoyl peroxide/DCP/Dry Bonding Agents
2. Synthetic Rubber (EPDM, NBR, PBR, Vitone, Hyplone, poly Acrylic, SBR)
3. Embossed Plastic Film
4. Precipitated Silica
5. Zinc Oxide
6. Anti Oxidant
7. Bonding Agents

Polycarbonate Plastica


Embossed Rubber

Safty security

For International Buyers

Our qualified and experienced team can arrange for the following services :

:: Preparation of feasibility report before entering the huge indian market.

:: Locating businesses for takeover, merger or saler.

:: Identification of joint venture partner and negotiations.

:: Obtaining relevant approvals - RBI, SIA, etc.

:: Assist in identification of Joint Venture/Technology Transfer Partners for Foreign     Companies.

:: Advising Foreign Companies on entry strategy and industrial escort services.


Silicone rubber is a specialty synthetic Elastomer that provides a unique balance of chemical and mechanical properties required by today's most demanding applications. Silicone rubber excels in such areas as high temperature stability, low temperature flexibility, chemical resistance, weather ability, electrical performance and sealing capability.
Because of its relative purity and chemical composition, silicone rubber displays exceptional biocompatibility, making it an attractive choice for many health care and pharmaceutical applications.

Compared to many organic Elastomers, silicone rubber offers superior ease of fabrication resulting in high productivity, cost effectiveness, and extended service reliability. Silicone Elastomers have assumed prominent roles in the automotive, aerospace, electrical/electronic, health care, semiconductor, construction, business machine, and graphic arts industries.

Types Of Silicone Elastomers
HCE (heat cured Elastomers), LSR, RTV (room temperature vulcanization) and Flurosilicones ; materials are differentiated primarily by their viscosity and curing mechanism and span the gamut from flow able adhesives to block-like, high consistency rubber compounds designed to release from hot mold surfaces. This diversity in form and process provides the utmost in versatility for satisfying a wide range of application needs. This section addresses heat-cured elastomers (HCE / HCR), which require conventional rubber fabrication and heat activated vulcanization.

Silica House pvt. Ltd is also Importer/ Representative/ Dealers of:
1. Rubber Chemicals- Benzoyl peroxide / DCP / Dry Bonding agents
2. Synthetic Rubber (EPDM, NBR, PBR, vitone, Hyplone, poly Acrylic, SBR)
3. Embossed Plastic Film
4. Precipitated Silica
5. Zinc Oxide
6. Anti Oxidant
7. Bonding agents

We can also provide cost effective synthetic Rubbers like Polybutadine Rubber (PBR) Reprocessed, Nitrile Reprocessed, EPDM

We deal in Vitone. We also trade, import and stock Vitone.

Poly Acrylic
We deal in Poly Acrylic. We also trade, import and stock Poly Acrylic.

We deal in NBR. We also trade, import and stock NBR.
We can also supply re processed cost effective synthetic rubbers.

We deal in PBR. We also trade, import and stock PBR.
We can also supply re processed cost effective synthetic rubbers.

We deal in SBR. We also trade, import and stock SBR.
We can also supply re processed cost effective synthetic rubbers.

We deal in EPDM. We also trade, import and stock EPDM.
We can also supply re processed cost effective synthetic rubbers.

Poly Urethane
We deal in Poly Urethane. We also trade, import and stock Poly Urethane.

Silicone >> Rubbers                                           TOP

NPC ( Non post cure ) - Low compression set for O - rings, thick section parts, gaskets, rolls.
High tear strength - Diapharagms, boots, O-rings.
Transparent - High temperature and low volatiles for medical tubing, baby teats, catheters.
Flurosilicones - Excellent fuel and solvent resistant.
Electrically Conductive - Electroconductive rubber parts, rubber contacts, EMI Shieldings.
Steam resistant - Steam pot gaskets for autoclave etc.
Thermally conductive - Radiating sheets and tubes.
Oil resistant.
Wire and cable and heat tracers.
Medical Applications - Low volatile, totally peroxide free, FDA compliant.
Baby nipple and face masks. Transparent FDA BGVV and USP approved.
Liquid Silicone rubbers : High voltage insulators, high volume small and precision components, sleeve coating.
High temperature resistant

Flame retardant.
General purpose - molding and extrusion ( all transculent ).
General purpose molding.

Silicone >> Emulsions

Mold Release Emulsions
Shining Applications
Cleaning Applications
A silicone emulsion is a stable colloidal suspension, consisting of silicone oil dispersed and held in water by a substance called an emulsifier. Silicone emulsions are economical, easy to use and excellent release agents for mechanical rubber, wire and cable goods. They are also used as general-purpose release agents. In automotive rubber applications, silicone emulsions are used as release agents for the molding of automotive floor mats, shock mounts, fan belts and O-rings. In consumer goods, silicone emulsions perform as release agents in applications such as soles and heels for footware and are used in household products such as floor tiles.


Silicone >> Coatings
Gasket Coatings
Rubber Rolls
Paper Coating
Buildings and other structures need a layer of protection from elements in their environment, whether natural or man-made hazards. With a multitude of formulations, silicones play a major role in protecting these assets.

- Elastomeric coatings that improve building aesthetics and performance
- Hard coats for abrasion and chemical resistance in thermoplastics
- Protective coatings for buried or raised tanks
- Water repellency that penetrates exterior concrete and masonry surfaces
- Weather resistant rubber cover over insulated foam roofs

Release Coatings

Silicone release coatings are used in many different applications, the most significant being labels and tapes.
Other applications include self-adhesive vinyl coverings, personal hygiene products, packing slip envelopes, baking sheets and interleaving sheets.
Silicone release coatings can be thermally cured or radiation cured. Thermally cured systems use either a Silanol condensation reaction with a tin catalyst or an addition reaction using vinyl functional polymers with a platinum catalyst.
UV curable release coatings are epoxy functional. They require a photoinitiator which, when exposed to UV light of a certain wavelength, initiates a crosslinking reaction.

Weatherstrip coatings

Weatherstrip Coatings are thin, flexible films applied to dynamic automotive gasket seals such as primary and secondary door seals, trunk roofs and auxiliary seals. The function of a weatherstrip coating is to provide freeze release, low coefficient of friction, even appearance, weatherability, abrasion resistance and elimination of friction related noises.

         ::  Embossed Plastics    



Embossed plastic films come for a diverse Range of Applications. It keeps rubber compounds protected from dirt. Its used by all tyre         manufacturers and conveyor belt manufacturers.

Embossing patterns include cracked ice, golf ball, taffeta, diamond, woodgrain, linen, and hexpin. These patterns made be applied to many engineered films including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, polyester and nylon films, metallized films and laminates.

Applications ::
FRP Manufacturing (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels)
Food grade pouches for vacuum packing
Medical grade pouches for vacuum packing
Mold release films
Decorative Finishes

:: Safety & Security

Constructed from or with layers of Lexan polycarbonate specially bonded with proprietary interlayers, Lexguard laminates have been developed to provide a high level of resistance against violent attacks.
Security Glazing

Lexguard ballastic Laminates can be specified to meet or exceed the requirements of most international standards for bullet-resistant glazing. They withstand multi-shot assaults without dangerous spalling on either surface. Moreover, this multi ply construction offers superior anti bandit properties.

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