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Established in 2007, Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the leading brand in manufacturing of industrial Microwave Heating Systems. Enerzi is proud to be India’s pioneering innovator in the application of interdisciplinary engineering knowledge to develop a variety of Microwave Heating applications. Enerzi has assumed a responsibility to develop and deliver energy conserving, efficient, simple yet effective heating solutions; MICROWAVE & RF OVENS, FURNACES AND TURNKEY SOLUTIONS! Founded in Bangalore since 2007 the appetite to pursue a greener, simpler and a more viable solution towards Industrial Microwave Heating System designs has brought about a radical yet convincing migration of heating methods in the market. Enerzi belongs to Creintors Group of Companies, which has numerous diversified business initiatives in various engineering sectors. Creintors Holdings Pvt. Ltd. owns Enerzi along with other visionary promoters. With the experience curtailed from the various initial projects handled & Experimental setups, Enerzi has been established to enter into a niche market sector to exclusivity target a very specific range of clientele. The opportunity to grow, evolve and provide Custom-built products finally led us to the realization of creating a dedicated After Sales Engineering Service and Maintenance with adequate Technical Support. Enerzi has thus began a one of its kind revolution towards reinventing the deliverance and sustenance of Effective Heating, by offering a range of microwave solutions that enable our clients to benefit from the advantage of Industrial Microwave Technology.

Continuous Type Microwave Rubber Vulcanization Line

1. Rubber Profile Extruder

Rubber Profile Extruder Being a one stop solution provider for variety of rubber extruders (screw dia ranging from 40 mm to 145 mm), Enerzi delivers compact and reliable extruders as well as machines equipped with the latest development in control systems and designs. Our extruders provide high screw torques just as variable screw speed ranges. We thus guarantee a wide production range without compromising quality. Enerzi rubber extruders possess the latest extrusion unit design and control system for all machine parameters. Excellent design of systems to achieve the best dimension stability at highest productivity makes our products unique.

2. Infrared Shock Oven

The radiator temperatures here are more than 1850°C and with such high temperatures the new Enerzi Infrared Shock tunnel is highly efficient for the pre-vulcanization of profiles and hoses. Arranged between the rubber extruder and the continuous vulcanization line the high power infrared radiation pre-cures the surface of the rubber products. This is related to a better dimension stability and an excellent surface quality. This process is ideally suited for Sponge profiles, but solid profiles derive an equally useful advantage as well. Typically these systems are about 1 meter long and have got a heating capacity of about 30 kW..

3. Microwave Rubber Vulacanization Oven

After food processing Rubber vulcanization has been a vastly popular application of Microwave Heating. The Bulk heating property of Microwaves combined with the rapid heating phenomenon makes Microwave Heating an ideal choice for rubber and Rubber like materials. Rubber being a bad conductor of heat any method of heating rubber relying on the conductivity of it scores a point lower compared to Microwave heating because Microwaves penetrate the rubber and heat the material from core to surface simultaneously. Most common and widely proven application of Microwave Heating is for the vulcanization of Automotive and Construction Rubber Profiles. Microwave Heating has been proven to be equally suited for Sponge, Solid and Co-extruded profiles. Since this is one of the well proven application there is rarely a need for any labscale or prototypes. Enerzi offers a range of Continuous Microwave Rubber vulcanization ovens for a range of rubber profiles;

Salient Features:

• Throughput ranging from 50 to 500 kg/hour
• Typical Cross Section of 200 to 300mm (W) and 150 to 250mm (H)
• Hot Air Circulation of 100 to 1000 cfm at 200 to 300 deg. C
• Maximum Process Temperature from 100 to 400 deg. C
• Hot Air and Product Temperature Monitoring
• Installed Microwave Power of 1.45 kW to 29 kW
• Step-less Power Control using Microcontroller Module
• Digital Display of Power and Temperature
• Conveying System with speed controls from 2 to 50 m/min
• Highly integrated Interlocks with a Remote Control Panel

4. Hot Air Ovens

Hot air tunnels are used especially for curing or rather post curing of rubber profiles, insulation hoses and other special products. Hot Air Tunnels unlike their counterparts i.e. Microwave Ovens or Shock oven, do not have any high frequency heating. Rather these ovens have a heated air circulation with forced circulation with the help of a blower. These Ovens are similar in design to the Microwave Tunnel Ovens and serve the purpose of final curing / Post curing of rubber profile after initial curing in Microwave Oven / IR oven.

5. Cooling Tunnels

Cooling tunnels are primarily used in the commercial processing of Rubber. Cooling tunnels use a conveyor system mostly rollers to pull the product through the refrigerated tunnel. There are both continuous and discontinuous cooling systems, depending on what is required. Continuous cooling involves moving the product until the required temperature is achieved, whereas discontinuous cooling is when the tunnel provides different cooling down periods through pallet and tray forms. Chilled DM Water is usually used for cooling Rubber Profiles and the system length varies from 3 meter to 10 meters depending on the throughput of the production line.

6. Catterpillar

Caterpillers form an essential subsystem in the scheme of the complete lines. This unit helps in retaining the tension of rubber profile along the line. Depending on the speed of production and profile sizes the Caterpillars are designed from 36” to 100” belt length and even higher. Enerzi specializes in providing unique designs of Caterpillars to suit a variety of Rubber Profile Manufacturing Lines.

7. Cutting Machine:

Cutting Machines are used to cut the rubber profile to the final lengths. The cutting can either happen on the rubber profile which is coiled on a spool or it could take place Online in the production line. There are three main variants of the Cutting machine that our company manufactures; viz. Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully automatic Cutting Machines. These machines use State-of-The-Art Control features and the use of Precise Pneumatic controls for Cutting the Rubber Profiles.

8. Coiling / Winding Machine

Coiling or Winding machine is used in cases when the Rubber Profile produced from the Vulcanisation line is to be stocked in full length of 50 or 100 meters. The Coiling machines are designed to function reliably in synchronisation with the rest of the Vulcanisation line so that the coiling can take place in synch. Enerzi manufactures and supplies a variety of Coiling machines based on the requirement of rubber Profile size, Capacity of the spool etc.

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