Established in 1972, Ambica group is one of India's largest manufacturers & supplier of extruder screens which are also known as filter elements and melt filter alongwith wire mesh (woven wire cloth). This is a company that has always seriously believed in 'Quality, Assurance & Reliability' - a motto aimed at the highest level of quality products and unique personalized approach in service. More than 32 years of on going development and growth in the industry has earned an enviable reputation for us.

Our work-station is equipped with specialized punching tools, dies and circle cutting equipment, coupled with a comprehensive inventory of woven mesh that has enabled us to offer screens for most extruder sizes.

Maintaining high standards of quality control at every single stage of manufacturing with the help of rigorous tests and regular inspections is a common practice at AMBICA.

Circular screens ranging from 6mm to 1000mm diameter.
Uniformly cut by specially developed power press, to avoid uneven edge.
Absolutely no wastage.
Specially processed to withstand high pressure and heat.
High open area / flow rate.
Closely controlled, accurate apertures.
Smooth surface - screening surface has no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles.
  Highly reusable and economical too.
High durability - self-supporting.
Stable under tension.
Suitable as support for less rigid media.
Computer controlled production.
Also available in customized size.
High quality 304L stainless steel wire mesh cleaned by ultrasonic process.

Spot Welded Multilayer packs, assembled in proper sequence to eliminate operator error.
Available in any size & combination of meshes.
Highly User-Friendly.
Extra strong, sturdy and convenient for problem free processing.
High durability.
High physical & chemical resistance.
Screen pack prevents any contamination (foreign particles) in the molten mass from going through extrusion process.
The edges are spot-welded instead of aluminium framing to impart strength for durability.
An efficient import substitute.
Multilayer circular screen serve two purpose. The spot welded acts as a spot around the edge of the screen, there by prevent "BLOW BY" and prevents any loose wires from entering the flow of polymers.

Also known as candle filters, these screen packs are used in multilayer film and lamination plants.
Available in various combinations of meshes to suit your need.
Available in various customized models.
The edges are spot-welded for lasting strength


Ambica offers both weaves in Multimesh circular screen, Plain-Dutch weave & Twilled-Dutch Weave. Specially used in BOPP film plant, woven sacks,
PET & non woven fabric plant.

The pattern of this mesh is the same as in plain weave e x cept that the warp wires one of a larger diameter than the shute wires and the shute wires are driven up close to each other, resulting intaperes or wedge-shaped opening instead of square opening. In dutch weave the warp wires remain in straight conditions and the shute wires are crimped.

Wire cloth which has the same pattern as twilled weave e x cept the warp wires are of a larger diameter than the shute wires & the shute wires are driven up tapers or wedge-shaped opening. Warp wires remain in a straight condition, but the shute wires take all the crimp. Due to the twilled weave construction, the shute wires are not only deformed in depth (crimps when formed around the warp wires) but also sideways.

Cut elements, available in any design and style in single or multiple layers.
With or without spot welding


Protects plastic extruders and molding machine against iron contamination such as Nails, Nuts, Iron Bits etc.
High power magnetic tubes are provided.
Various Shapes Circular, Square or Rectangular - are available to match the size and shape of the Hopper Precision made as per your requirements.
Fabricated in Stainless Steel.
Precision making as per your specification as well.

Some machines have specially designed shapes for filters, thus making it more customized so to increase the rapport between the machine manufacturers and the customers but here in Ambica special designer screens have been developed to suit the customers both in the quality and service point of view.


AMBICA group specializes in manufacturing and supplying of 304L high quality stainless steel wire mesh and wire cloth products for domestic consumption as well as for export to foreign countries.
Ambica is proud to have provided wire mesh and wire cloth products for the last 30 years to innumerable industries and applications.

Plain Square Weave, the most common weave, with the same diameter warp and shute wires woven in a simple over and under pattern. It produces screens with the same mesh count in both directions. Mesh woven in this pattern has the maximum stability
The full range of specification from 4 mesh to 500 mesh and up to 2 microns.

Since last three decades our company has been taking care of the basic quality control in the arena of plastic and rubber industries. The products, Extruder Screens, as they are fondly known in the market are the first among the few elements in the extruder machines to filter the raw materials. So it is definitely necessary to take care of the quality of each of the product as it takes care of the foundation of the quality.

Maintaining high standards of quality control at every single stage of manufacturing with the help of rigorous tests and regular inspections is a common practice at AMBICA.

We are approved supplier of many major plastic & rubber machinery manufacturers in India and abroad.

Use it, Approve it, Suggest it- this is one of the policies set by the company. Today this unbreakable law is successfully promoting the product satisfactorily to the clients.
The second strategy is QSP - Quality, Service, Price. A euphemistic stress is put on the quality and there is no compromise on that part. A specialized after sales service is the forte of the company and at last the price is a factor that cannot be compromised upon.

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